National Memorial Day and 4th of July Concerts

It's not that basic . . . training for . . . 

Organizations seeking to recruit and retain military veterans. 

Multi-generations in the workplace

Understanding who we are today is influenced by when we were born. 

A COMPREHENSIVE MENU OF facilitator led workshops 

Being a change agent

Learning how to make a successful transition from a post-9/11 deployment.  

Presentation Skills 101

Learning how to be an effective presenter to adult learners. 

employee resource groups (ERG)

How they benefit the diversity and inclusion initiatives of an organization. 


All workshops are designed and facilitated by JM George Consulting, LLC. | All rights reserved. 

Today's citizen-soldiers

Understanding the dual roles of members serving with the National Guard and Reserves. 

Transition Assistance for High School Students

Collaborate workshop for students preparing to transition to college, the military, and to adulthood.   

Personal branding

Thinking of yourself as a successful brand. 

A veteran-owned company. 


The art of andragogy (Malcom Knowles) and why adults learn differently. 

Wisconsin Military Veterans Chamber of Commerce
Marine Corps Officer (Ret) Inspirational Speaker