• Adults will commit to learning when the goals and objectives are considered realistic and important to them. 
  • ​Adults want to be the origin of their own learning and will resist learning activities they believe are an attack on their competence.
  • Adult learners need direct, concrete experiences in which they apply the learning in real work. 
  • Transfer of learning for adults is not automatic and must be facilitated. 

Provide facilitator-led professional development workshops for organizations, schools, and military installations.

Adult Education

Military Veterans

Dr. Pyzyk is an Instructional Designer and Senior Facilitator/Owner of JM George Consulting, LLC

U.S. Air Force


Understanding the art of andragogy (adult learning theories). Provide train-the-trainer workshops for facilitators providing professional development to adult learners.  


My company's mission is to provide facilitator led workshops with an understanding that adult learners come to learning with a wide range of experiences, knowledge, interests, and competencies. Appreciation for this diversity and inclusion results in collaborative and engaging workshops. 

Reference: Knowles, M. & Associates. (1984). Andragogy in action. Applying modern principles of adult education.

Major Pyzyk, Kuwait Officer's Club, Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)

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Ph.D. research

Adults as Learners . . . 

A veteran-owned company. 


Facilitator (Dr. Pyzyk) is a member of:

  •  Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM)
  •  Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • 128th Air National Guard Community Council
  • ​Wisconsin Military Veterans Chamber of Commerce
  • Reserve Officers Association (ROA)
  • Harley-Davidson Post 400 American Legion 
  • Veteran of Foreign Wars (VFW)

Provide facilitator-led workshops for corporations seeking to hire military veterans and offer transition assistance workshops for military veterans transitioning from active duty service. 

Marine Corps Officer (Ret) Inspirational Speaker
  • It is not that Basic . . . Training for the . . . 
  • Multi-generations in the workplace.
  • You are your own brand. 
  • Why adults learn differently than children.  
  • Today's post-9/11 Citizen-Soldiers. 
  • Service-before-Self importance of core values.

Dissertation Title: Understanding the Lived Experiences of National Guard and Reserve Members Transitioning from a Post-9/11 Deployment. 

Wisconsin Military Veterans Chamber of Commerce
National Memorial Day and 4th of July Concerts

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